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Tax incentives for savvy investors

Investors still have access to powerful tax incentives, including the popular Section 13sex of the Income Tax Act No 58 of 1962.

Section 13sex enables any taxpayer who owns five or more new, residential rental units to claim up to 55% of the purchase price back from SARS via a 5% per annum depreciation allowance. The incentive kicks in as soon as the investor takes ownership of their fifth brand-new unit and can be carefully leveraged to get a portfolio cash-flow positive without paying SARS a cent.

Early investors who buy 5 units can benefit from not only these huge tax savings but also a saving of R1million off the total purchase price and guaranteed rentals for the first year. *T&C’s Apply

Newlands Peak Example:

  • Purchase five units at R1,5 million each = R7,5 million
  • Discount = R1 million (R200 000 per unit)
  • Final purchase price = R6,5 million
  • Guaranteed rental for the first 12 months = R57 500 per month 
5% of the purchase price may be used as a tax deduction (tax write-off) every year.
The amount you may write off is limited to 55% of the acquisition price of the residential units.
This works out to a tax deduction (tax write-off) of R178 750 per year for 20 years.
The following criteria apply:
  • The taxpayer must own at least 5 residential units. A residential unit refers to a building or self-contained apartment, mainly used for residential accommodation with the exclusion of structures used for business purposes, for example, hotels.
  • All units must be situated in South Africa.
  • Residential units must be new and unused. (For example, buyers of flats that had previously been occupied would not qualify for this incentive.)
  • The units must be used solely for the purpose of trade (i.e. residential letting). This prevents housing claims for personal use.

Tax deductions

While primary residences offer few tax benefits to owners, investment properties can be an excellent tax-deductible addition to a portfolio. All expenses relating to an investment property – including bond interest, management fees, municipal rates, body corporate levies, repairs, maintenance, insurance, and more – are tax-deductible.

As an added bonus, any losses are not ring-fenced, In other words, if the expenses on your property exceed its rental income, that deficit can be offset against other taxable income. That makes it possible, with very careful balancing of expenses, to use a rental property to reduce an investor’s overall tax burden.

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